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Lisbon Highlights

Lisbon is both Portugal’s capital and biggest city, with 500 thousand people living within its boundaries. Lisboneers are also known as alfacinhas (little lettuce), due to the Moorish population's habit of growing al-hassa, a word that evolved to alface (lettuce). And if one considers Lisbon’s neighbouring areas, one can say there are three million alfacinhas. This makes Lisbon a dynamic and modern city, without letting go its own history and traditions. As the westernmost European capital and crossing point between Europe, Africa, Asia and America, Lisbon grew to become a city of contrasts, noticeable in every nook and cranny. The picturesque villages of Sintra and Cascais, as well as the many beaches recommendable for surf, turn Lisbon into a growing worldwide touristic destination.

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Cultural Center of Belém hosts, at 9 p.m. this Saturday, another edition of Há Fado No Cais. Pedro Moutinho, Raquel Tavares and Ana Sofia Varela are the invited fado singers for an edition that will focus...
In order to celebrate fado as world heritage, mercado da Ribeira will be turned into The Biggest Fado House in the World, during the 27th, 28th and 29th November. The market will host performances by Camané,...
Bruno, author of the blog Homem Sem Blogue, journalist and a football and sushi fan, is the next invited guest for another Table&Friends dinner that will take place in Origami, on December 3rd. For this...


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